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Our portfolio contains a selection of special moments, not just for our clients but also for us. This is especially true when the solution not only answers the brief but goes way beyond it! Which is usually the result of a good, open and fun working relationship with the client.


Just take a few moments and have a browse!

We have collected a few examples that demonstrate some of those results, they also represent a myriad of design solutions for all types of clients. You will find everything from Websites (SEO) to Stationery, Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Mailers, Newsletters, Folders, 3D Illustration and 3D Animation. Just click on any of the preferred category headings below to view some of our work.

From the design of a company logo and stationery right through to a full corporate scheme. Basically everything that carries your company logo like forms, brochures, leaflets, folders, website, exhibition material, signage and company vehicles.


  • Portfolio_Design_1_FHF
    Corporate brand development with “British values” then applied to stationery, services pack and newsletter.
  • Portfolio_Design_2_FPDC
    Update of an existing corporate style across industry reports with hospitality and conference event material.
  • Portfolio_Design_3_VAK
    Strong branding developed to enable a new start up stand out from the crowd in a quickly congested sector.
  • Portfolio_Design_4_GEye
    A bright, sharp and fresh rebrand for an internet based security company applied to stationery and folder pack.
  • Corporate_Design_W&K_1
    Brand development for a long established legal practice across a range of corporate material from brochure to newsletter.
  • Portfolio_Design_6_YSociety
    Brand design and development for a not-for-profit client across printed matter and promotional items.

Using our experience we can provide help and advice on everything from local press, trade advertising, national ads, recruitment, Yellow Pages, retail advertising, financial & legal services, charity advertising to animated TV commercials.


  • Portfolio_Advert_1_Hitchens
    Product and offer lead retail advertising across regional media produced to very tight copy deadlines.
  • Portfolio_Advert_2_Langleys
    Everything from corporate advert to service support and directory advertising for a professional services client.
  • Advertising_Lee_&_Priestley_1
    New brand awareness in B2B media for an established legal practice to raise their profile in the business community.
  • Portfolio_Advert_4_Terebro
    Advertising in trade publications created in sharp contrast to the competitors’ cartoons and images of machinery.
  • Advertising_W&K_1
    Profile raising advertising in support of events in the community together with service awareness advertising.


An increasingly essential tool for any business, we provide help every step of the way. Whether you require a single or multi-page website including design, copy, images, domain name, site hosting, email accounts, forums and most importantly, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


  • Portfolio_Web_1_Flawless
    Complete update for a photographic makeover studio with a huge range of images and online purchasing facility.
  • Portfolio_Web_2_Leeds_Hospital_Trust
    Not for profit client website with response fields and donation facility in a clean, easy to navigate format.
  • Portfolio_Web_3_VAK
    NLP and Hypnosis Practioner website that communicates to individuals as well as corporate clients.
  • Portfolio_Web_4_BigTraderTile
    Clean and functional trade website for a tile and bathroom retailer on a limited budget aimed to raise awareness.
  • Portfolio_Web_5 DigitalSunrise
    Online digital print service for artists of all abilities with gallery, purchase, order and visual effect functionality.
  • Portfolio_Web_6_Kue
    Website created for an industrial client to help build awareness to a specialist and limited client base.


An adaptable and exciting facility that can provide a quality alternative to photography that is extremely effective and accurate. Very effective when creating sample products to view and test, prior to production, that can also be animated for use on any digital platform.


Portfolio_3D_1 FHF
  • Portfolio_3D_1 FHF
    Striking images created to illustrate the editor’s articles relating to a viewpoint on areas of the finance market.
  • Portfolio_3D_2_Terebro
    Heavyweight industrial equipment created in 3D for print, presentation material and website – better than the original!
  • Portfolio_3D_3_HBCL
    Product illustrations created for print and web to demonstrate new products to potential clients prior to production.
  • Portfolio_3D_4 GenieTel
    A full 3D animated TV commercial made possible by the use of 3D graphics and animation keeping it well within budget.
  • Portfolio_3D_5_ACL
    Technically accurate images created for print to illustrate products that are poor and dull when photographed.
  • Portfolio_3D_6_HD1
    3D models created to demonstrate interiors and exterior of a warehouse development to potential investors and purchases.


Printed t-shirts and more unusual requirements from packaging to exhibitions, pop-up banners and display stands, posters or signs of all sizes. Many other items such as mugs, pens, pyjamas, chocolates, safety hats, hi-visibility jackets and engraved trophies can also be supplied.


  • Portfolio_Promo_1_Display
    Product promotions for exhibitions utilising pull-up banners, pop-up display stands and shell schemes.
  • Portfolio_Promo_2_TLodge
    Promotional items to support hotel openings and PR launches nationwide working with a strong corporate brand.
  • Portfolio_Promo_3_Hitchens
    Point of sale, shelf wobblers and price ticketing for promotional offers throughout a northern chain of discount stores.
  • Portfolio_Promo_4_NewBroom
    From the simple to very complex packaging of affordable gifts for a wide range of high street stores.


This is our demonstration video that provides you with a mouth watering selection of 3D animations created for TV commercials along with presentations, exhibitions and websites. All include sound tracks, voice over and editing executed in-house all under one roof. This is the stuff that gets us excited and the creative juices flowing!



There is no measure to what we can do for you..!

As you will appreciate it is impossible to show you everything we do in the portfolio. We just haven’t got room to include the photocomposition, image retouching, multimedia projects, 3D modelling and animation we also provide. So, to find out more about these and what we can do for you, get in touch for an informal chat on 01274 532715.